Today's Clubs are Tomorrow's Church

It's very easy to find lost young people. It's harder for them to find themselves. Every week over 800 students listen to a message at one of Youth for Christ's 23 Campus Life clubs. A message given with the hope that they will find themselves within the stories of the Bible. With the ultimate hope that they will find God in the search for themselves.

There are those who have struggled with failed relationships and find themselves an outcast. All alone, sitting at the well, waiting for someone to talk to them. Those who can't sleep at night, who wrestle with life's big questions. Those who search for answers, calling on God late at night to help with their confusion. The marginalized and used who are caught in a complicated scheme to hurt others. They feel like the only thing they have to offer others is their body. They've compromised themselves and made themselves less in the process. There are the hurt, the broken, and those labeled crazy who live a life of pain, loss, and suffering. Those with no hope and future. Those waiting for some thing to change their destiny in order to create history.

Youth for Christ Hawaii is committed to go to teens where they are, in order to proclaim the good news that Love has a name and Jesus is Savior.