YFC Legacy

Serving Hawaii for over 70 years, Youth for Christ Hawaii’s mission has always remained the same. To go to the frontier of the future Church. To reach the next generation for Jesus.

The Gospel of Jesus has always been our message and the Command of Jesus has always been our mission, to “go and make disciples of all nations”.


YFC Today

Unprecedented opportunity.

YFC’s ministry has incredible scope across the entire island, and we work every day to reach every student in Hawaii. We are committed to walking through the open door to go to students where they are, and to reach the lonely, the rejected, the desperate.

Our model is to send staff and interns to proclaim Jesus and to make disciples and to empower and equip students leaders to reach their peers.

We desire to give hope – a place to call home and a reason to keep going, to see transformation of people, schools, and community, and to create a movement that changes culture.


Meet the YFC Hawaii Staff

  • Daniel Ko

    Executive Director


    Hobby: BodyBoarding 

    Food: Vietnamese 

    Dessert: Any kine cookies

    Animal: Feral Cats 

    Random Fact: Kaiser Grad!!!

  • Doug Koehn

    Campus Life Minister


    Music: David Crowder Band

    Life Quote: "Alrighty then!" 

    Hobby: Making movies

    Pet Peeve: Hearing people chew

    Animal: Birds

  • Stevie Koehn

    Campus Life Minister


    Verse: Matthew 7:22

    Food: Pizza 

    Hobby: Reading/ Surfing

    TV Show: Gilmore Girls

    Sport: Soccer

  • Kai Klein

    Campus Life Minister


    Movie: George of the Jungle

    Hobby: Collecting Vinyl Records 

    Animal: Elephant

    Ice Cream: Butter Pecan!!!

  • Johanna Mindo

    Ministry Director


    Book: I love You Forever

    Food: Mom's Spaghetti 

    Random Fact: I have been wearing a shoelace on my right knee since 7th grade.

    TV Show: Friends

    Ice Cream: Jamoca Almond Fudge

  • Marissa

    Development Director


    Drink: Vanilla Latte

    Food: Pho 

    Pet Peeve: People who kick the back of movie theater seats

    TV Show: Downton Abbey

    Book: Jane Eyre